TV production
In this age of 24-hour news cycle, you need something that is almost out of this planet to build and maintain a critical mass of viewers for your TV show (both scripted and unscripted). Some things are outside your control. But there are other things you can do – like recruiting highly skilled writers and an amazing production team to ensure that the production is flawless and appreciated by viewers. That’s where we come in.

Film production
See Africability Pictures

Music production
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Books (creative writings) production
The colonial times described in acclaimed novels by the famous Ngugi Wa Thiongo might be in the past but the African literary talent lives on. Up until recently, African publication houses had been limited to academic content, newspapers and magazines. Africability has the resources to edit and publish your literary work and guide you through the marketing process. Do not sit on your talent or watch it waste. Use our services and become a published writer.

Visual and Creative Arts Publication
Publishing has gone beyond simply the printing of books. Our services include publishing and promoting creative writings and visual art works from drawings, paintings and crafts. We work with African artists from painters to photographers and writers to put their work on a platform where it can attract world interest while raising the profile of the artists. This also includes the new realm of digital publishing.

Whether you need your work promoted locally, nationally or across the globe, we can ensure that it gets the recognition it deserves.

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