School of Acting

Whether you’re an experienced actor who wishes to brush up on a particular technique or a beginner interested in stepping into the world of acting, Africability School of Acting is the right platform for actors of African origin. We offer both basic and professional training to prepare beginning and professional actors for the nuances of acting on a professional film set. Our training takes into account the challenges of black actors.

Acting is one of the most challenging forms of creative expression. Our goal is to extract truthful performances from the actor through traditional and modern techniques that will help you hone your craft and do justice to the characters you play.

Get trained under professionals in the industry who are a continuous source of inspiration. From cold-reading to character analysis to on-camera techniques, get professional guidance from the masters – only at Africability Talent Academy.

We teach various techniques including Stanislavsky and Meisner Methods. We also train with old school style plays so that actors can appreciate the difference between stage and screen acting.

Our comprehensive curriculum will enable you cover extensive material in a relatively short time and prepare you to face the real world. Get ready to immerse in the complete craft of acting in a professional atmosphere.

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