School of Music and Dance


Africability School of Music and Dance offers dance classes in hip hop and various African dance styles. We provide music and vocal training as well as lessons in guitar, piano, violin, drums and many other instruments. Regular low pressure recitals are organized so as to encourage students to perform as they wish. Students get trained under an outstanding staff that nurture and develop new as well as experienced talent.

The vibrant artistic environment at our classes is simply unequalled and so is the knowledge and experience of the accomplished instructors. Students get specialized instruction, valuable experience and professional career development advice.

Africability School of Music and Dance fosters deeper values in its students and knows that they have to work in a world of constant change and face new challenges every other day. The career aspirations of every student are advanced under the skilled supervision of supportive and skilled instructors.

Starting off as a small training class with huge aspirations, it’s no surprise that Africability is becoming a premier music and dance institution. Its valued students are given the right conducive environment to grow and get the best experience possible.

Join us and help us bring the joy of music and dance into your everyday life.


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