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Filming Africability Promo

africabilityOctober 12,2012

We’re filming a promo video for all 4 Africability competitions in Cameroon. Click here to join the MAKING OF AFRICABILITY PROMO on facebook for updates and discussions.

Talent Academy

africabilityOctober 12,2012

Connect with us on facebook for up to date information about courses at Africability Talent Academy. Click here to connect with AFRICABILITY TALENT ACADEMY on facebook.

African Filmstar

africabilityOctober 12,2012

Check out all the latest on the African Filmstar acting competition on facebook. Click here to follow AFRICAN FILMSTAR and Afro CineStar hall-of-famers on twitter.

Africability Talent Competition

africabilityOctober 12,2012

Have you got Africability? Click here to connect with AFRICABILITY TALENT COMPETITION fans Click here to Follow AFRICABILITY on twitter.

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